Construction takes 50% of raw materials from nature, consumes 40% of total energy and produces 50% of total waste.

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Materials for Sustainable Building and Infrastructure - Recycled Aggregates

Materials for Sustainable Building and Infrastructure - Recycled Aggregates (MEISAR) is the research project financed by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (POR Sardegna FESR 2014/2020 - ASSE PRIORITARIO I - "RICERCA SCIENTIFICA, SVILUPPO TECNOLOGICO E INNOVAZIONE" Azione 1.1.4 Sostegno alle attività collaborative di R&S per lo sviluppo di nuove tecnologie sostenibili, di nuovi prodotti e servizi. REALIZZAZIONE DI AZIONI CLUSTER "TOP-DOWN") that wants to develop an eco-sustainable chain of concrete constructions by enhancing recycled aggregates.

Ecosustainable supply chain

A supply chain of elements made of recycled concrete could drastically reduce the exploitation of the land, caused by the extraction of natural aggregates from the quarries, and the construction and demolition debris to be landfilled, with obvious environmental and economic advantages.

Concrete producers could exploit the waste materials they produce as recycled aggregates for the production of new mixtures.

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Research Group


The working group of the MEISAR project is composed of professors and researchers of the Department of Civil, Environmental Engineering and Architecture (DICAAR) of the University of Cagliari with extensive experience in the mechanics of the structures and in urban and environmental management.

Database 1

Technical Regulations on Recycled Materials

This database shows the main current standards concerning recycled aggregates in Italy.

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Database 2

State of the art of scientific literature

This database presents the scientific publications in the main international journals concerning rec...

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Discover all the building materials and infrastructures that can be produced with recycled aggregates
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